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How To Send Girl Voice Messages On WhatsApp And Messengers On Your Android

Speak with many voices in many languages, easily convert text to speech (TTS)
Narrator’s Voice app lets you create and share amusing messages using a narrator’s voice of your choice.
With a wide range of languages and reliable, pleasant sounding voices.
Simply speak or type a message, then choose the language, voice and any special effects for the app to use.
The end result is a customized narration of your original message, which you can share as desired.
Videos are one of the hottest projects for Narrator’s Voice, letting the narrator explain or comment on whatever’s happening on the screen. In fact, many people have been using the Narrator’s Voice app to add audio to their YouTube videos, giving them a distinct voice that enhances the overall video’s vibe.
Can be equally successful when used with still images, slide shows, e-learning projects, or anything else that could benefit from useful commentary or clarification.

People are sharing it in droves.Millions are using it, and many are thrilled with it.

• Convert text to audio file MP3 or video MP4 and share on social networks
• Create or open text file, read aloud it, or export/share text as audio/video file.
• Your phone will speak what you type.
• With many voices with effects in many languages.
• Provides expressive and natural sounding voices.
• Make funny messages with your friends TIMELINE.
• Best text to voice and text to speech (TTS) app
• Include pinksheep voice (pink sheep), MLG voice - Daniel UK, CORTANA voice and others...
• Recommended by YouTubers [they uses this app]
Works offline after save audio
• Great for YouTube channels

✪ BEST text-to-speech TTS ✪

Send messages to your friends with Translator Women's Voice! Best text to speech

Application that makes reading using the voice of the translator woman, generating an audio voice that can be shared with your friends.
For example you can send the audio with the voice of the translator's woman to your friends on WhatsApp

★ Best and funny text to voice tts app
★ Very fast
★ You can share audio with your friends
★ Unlimited text/voice
★ Male and Female voices

★ Text to Speech for books, texts, article, news.
★ Share audio with all your family and friends

Thursday, May 28, 2020

How To Make DSLR Pictures And Add Effect Electric On Your Photo 2020

Create Shoot Magic Video from Photos with Amazing The effects

Create magic video ,Lively picture ,Video maker ,With the help of funny application, you can help create magical videos with the effect of photos and magic.

Main features

*You can set up a photo from your gallery that you want to edit as per your wish, or you want to cut it rotate right or left as you wish.
*You can add a magic  effects of your choice in the photo like ,Like fire ,Magic effect rain effect Snow effect and heart effects.
*You can add musical effects in the background of the your videos.

*You can make the highest quality videos And share them to friends .
*With photo animation You can add the slide  time and Magic power theme  in your  videos .

Super Power Effect Video Maker

*Photo Animation app from your mobile Create Slideshow And With them you can add Animated Magic power theme and magic power effects in slide .
Create beautiful magic power effects photo slide show with beautiful songs And share  with  your friends and
Family .

In Super Power Photo Slideshow You can make beautiful Photo arrangement Interesting music Beautiful Photo Slideshow .

Several steps for How to Make Video with Describe here.

*Select many photos as per your choice and Photo slide  animation theme as per your choice add music at the last
With the super power effects photo animation with music is ready .

*A feature of super power effect video maker

Take photos of your choice with me from your photo album .
You can arrange every photo one by one very easily.
*You can select  different photo animations slide  like Rectangle Triangle Diamond Circle and More .
*You can select magic power animated theme or Magic power animated effects and You can add slideshow video and music .In these you can select Music in from your SD card .
*If you want to create high quality videos videos photos then you can add your photos and music .
*You can make videos  with your picture on your mobile or device instantly, you can make the video according to your wish Set the timer of Video creations .
*You can save your video in your phone or Sew tube light show gallery app on your phone storage .

*No you can play your videos in default app player .

Super Power Effect Video Maker
When you are bored You can and you want to share Your photos with friends and family Want to see the beautiful pictures of your choice .
And then this is the perfect app for you .

*Download Super Power Effect Video Maker
Photo animation app download .
Make Your Photos in Beautiful Way Like Music Beautiful Music Slideshow Entry with Family and  friends  In UK news game for best occasions  in your life .
Is like this app Dhan download it and give rate and review for Further  updates.
If you have any comlications to download then mail us.
Thank u

Background Changer App

This is a name for using best photo editor for art filters cartoon and sketch artist effect and camera .
Artist Cartoon Creating Account Filters Artistry Filters Cartoon  Photo And picture making This was done with a lot of grip as the president, for the testers, for the painter, for the cartoonist, for the photographer, etc.
Artista Have been created with fans of cartoonist photographer through the Lire Bird Studio.

To edit any photo you have or to correct it The effects With oil painting And Including cartoons sketch ,On your photos
And flying filters Collage the two pictures Sketch Book making  Creating anything as per your wish ,Drawing cartoons and adding them to the canvas picture
Artista Professionally and Perfectly Performs Hundred Percent Free for You piCaso and the vinci  Creating your simple photo editing Makes the best and Cool art photos with your phone.

Turn your mobile phone into art gallery

*This is a stunning photo and filter Mighty cartoon that rotate with oil paintings to rotate their size And give the cartoon effects .
*filters inspired by famous artist and cartoon artist
*Give is very easy artist sppwith gestures is a complete intuitive photo editor with cartoon .
*Live selfie camera with live photo editing and amazing control .
*You can paint the photo, you can do the editing as per your choice, you can make oil painting style, you can make cartoon style photo.
*You can also convert one of your common pictures into very fine painting and art pieces.
*You can do pencil sketching with a pencil sketching filter
*It is very easy to get editor photo filters, get it and .open any photo editor app and you can turn your photo into great photos .
*With the sprinters of the amazing function of Hotstar Photo Editor, you can now Video master piece
*Vinci goog with Unique art Filters and Art The effects Touch for Real Artist .
*Quickly snap a photo From the gallery Put the Dozen  of art filter .Artists can help you to make this picture awesome in seconds .
*Change Your Simple Photos into Artistic Style Painting and Cool Art Pictures .
*Add Awesome Sketching Filters and Oil Painting Filters Cartoon Effect Video simple pictures .
*High Quality Photo Editor Filter With This App
*take and Photo and Absolutely Transformer in Awesome Pictures .
*In Art Staff Photo Editor App More Than 50 Filters 1000 Expert  art app Alert .
*By showing filters  Sketching  Canvas picture  Cartoons oil painting All of this become incredible with artista App .
*With With Artist's Apps Times Discover Some Artistic Paintings and Photos .
*Choose a photo from the gallery and apply one of the dozen of art filters .
*With Artist app you can add unique effects  acts in your pictures in seconds .
*Enjoy the most unique  Simple and practical effect filters .
*Can adjust filter effects color art work very easily .
*You can also try more than 50 free filters for paintings of your photos .
*Artiste A Best Photo Editor App Video Photos Using best fielder apps

*Show Your Creative Work Like And Artist With Friends .
*Discovery Art Filters App And Make Your Profile Photo The Perfect .
*Photo filter color with stylish effects /.
*Da Vinci Light Artwork Photo Effects Boots and Artists' Land Call a Sensation
*Make you your photo with miracles  The effects .
*became Junior Artists and Transform Yourself and Photos into Art Art Painting in Art Work .
*Converting Pictures to Cartoon Only Canvas .
*Create cool art work with effect and various filters for pictures .
Share Your Rapid Pictures and art work with Your Friends and Social Media Community .

Magic Effect App 

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

How To Send Stylish Text Stickers And Emojies On WhatsApp in 2020

Customized keyboards with cool fonts & emojis! Make your own FancyKey now! 👆👆
FancyKey Keyboard is a free, customized keyboard for Android with cool fonts, 3200+ emoji, emoji arts, emoticons, personalized themes, autocorrect input and word predictions.
Download FancyKey keyboard for free to fancy your chatting now!
★★★★★ #1 iOS third-party keyboard, now available on Android! Millions of users ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ all over the 🌍🌎🌏, 💯😘😍
★Main Features★
✔ 3200+ emoji & emoticons & emoji arts
✔ 70+ funky fonts
✔ Advanced auto-correct & auto-suggest engine
✔ 50+ themes available to choose from
✔ Fully customizable keyboard wallpaper and layout
✔ 50+ typing sounds
✔ Integrated emoji & emoticon keyboard which is compatible across all popular apps
✔ One tap to input nicely crafted emoji compositions
✔ Multiple typing effects
✔ SWIPE input method
✔ Clipboard for multiple fast copy and paste
✔ Multiple emoji styles, such as EmojiOne
✔ 50+ languages
Easy steps to customize your own keyboard:
• Take a photo or select a photo from your album or pre-loaded images as background.
• Customize key font and color.
• Customize typing effect.
• Customize swipe line & effect.
• Customize typing sound.
• Multiple key styles to customize: White, black, steel, wooden & modern.
• Customize key shape, color, shadow, etc.
Now you're ready to go with your custom cool keyboard.
More themes, fonts, emoji, emoticons and exciting features will be introduced in upcoming updates.

Note: We don't collect or use any of your private information while you're typing nor we collect the photos you set as wallpapers. We only use the words typed by you to make the predictions more accurate.
☆ Create Nick for Free Fire and Pubg
☆ Customize your profile, personalize your profile, username
☆ Customize Facebook bio and photo caption
☆ Customize Instagram
☆ Customize Twitter
☆ Customize Whatsapp about
☆ Customize Amino blogs
☆ Customize nickname in Nebulous and other games
☆ Customize messages, texts and status
☆ Nicks generator
☆ Big letters generator
☆ ASCII Arts
☆ Blog Headers, Dividers, Separators
☆ Emoticons
☆ Fonts
☆ Shrug ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
☆ Lenny face ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °)
☆ symbols to copy and paste
☆ musical note♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ 🎵 🎶 
☆ symbol of infinity ∞ ♾ လ
☆ fancy letters, fun fb symbols, cool symbols, arts ascii text codes

Snap Trans For Android - APK DOWNLOAD - Tech Apps

SnapTrans can translate English to Hindi or other languages or dialects in one step for almost any applications(Facebook,WhatsApp,Messenger etc).Using this app, you can translate any text  into your native language to make reading much easier,chat with foreign language friends accessibility.

With a simple drag you will see the text translate into the desired language in no time.

Main Features:

1)Bubble text translate
In all kinds of social chat applications, just drag the translation ball onto the bubble text, it can change the language you know, and communicate directly with foreign language friends.

2)Input box text translate
Enter any language in the input box, just drag the translation ball to the input box and the text will become the language your friends know.

3)App language translate
Open any app and quickly double-click on the translation ball, all the text in the app will become the language you know. You can find more interesting and novel applications in foreign countries.

4)Quick setting, intelligent translation
Preset the language you and your friends use, the translation ball will be intelligently translated between 33 languages with a simple drag.Like English to Hindi,Tamil to Hindi,Tamil to English,English to Gujarati and so on.

Translations between the following languages are supported:
English, Hindī/हिन्दी, தமிழ்/Tamiḻ,ગુજરાતી/Gujarātī, ਪੰਜਾਬੀ/Punjabi, bāṅlā/বাংলা, తెలుగు, मराठी/Marāṭh,  اُردُو/Urdū, ಕನ್ನಡ/kannaḍa, മലയാളം/malayāḷaṁ, Chinese/中文, Español/Castellano, عربي/عربى, Malay/Bahasa Melayu, Portuguese/Português, Russian/ру́сский язы́к, French/le français, German/Deutsch, Hausa/هَوُسَ,Japanese/にほんご,فارسی/Fârsî,Swahili/kiswahili,Javaneses/Basa Jawa,Thai/ภาษไทย,Indonesian/Bahasa Indonesia,Turkish/Türkçe,Nepali/nepali,Filipino/Tagalog,Vietnamese/Tiếng Việt,Korean/한국어,Italiano/Italian,Czech/Čeština

Stunning Features of Tranit

★ Voice Translator: Speak & Voice Translate
The translate app allows users to speak and translate voice to text (voice typing). Then the automatic voice translator will quickly and accurately recognize the voice input by the user, translate directly into the language you set, and read the translation result aloud through the text-to-voice feature.
Voice translator all language supports Hindi to English voice translation, English to Urdu voice translation, Hindi to Kannada voice translation, Hindi to Telugu voice translation, English to Hindi voice translator, Hindi to Malayalam voice translator and all other language translation to help you talk freely with foreign speakers and break down language barriers

★ Screen translator/Floating Ball Translation
Drag the translation floating ball onto any text you want to translate on any apps or web page, and target translation will be displayed in one second. Double click on the floating ball to activate “Translate All" feature on automatic screen translator and enjoy fluent page translation.

Download App

Thursday, April 23, 2020

How To Use Free Internet America And Pakistan Best Method Of 2020

Which post will I give you today How can you use the net for free on any of your SIMs? Today, in which post, the method I will tell you, you will not find anywhere else.Today, in which post, I will tell you an app that will whiten you on the net for free. What is the application and where do you install it? You have read this post completely. You will see many ways, you have not seen the good way to do free latest goods. In this way you can use the net for free in any mobile. In this way you can use free net in Pakistan and America. You will see many ways to smuggle free net in Pakistan.But if you use the net in Pakistan and America this way, your net will run for free.In this way you will get 10GB for the first time by opening the application for free. You will get 10GB bonus on opening the application for the first time, which you can use for 1 day.

You get a lot of features in this application. It is a great favor to use this application as soon as you open it, you will understand it easily.At this time, like you above the cation, you will also get Das ji. You can use it for 1 day from Facebook, you can play all YouTube on Facebook for free. If you are sitting in America, then you can also use this application in America. Applications also work in america.Many people use the application in America.American Have downloaded a lot.You can use this application in Off Pakistan America Dubai Malaysia Singapore.This application has many advantages and is simple to use. You can ride this application whenever you want for free, in which you will not have to pay any money. One of the biggest advantages of this application is that Gir is sitting in Pakistan and you want to make this show that I am American, you can also work on it like a VPN۔

I will say this to you, quickly download the application because the application is of your great use. You will have a lot of fun using this application۔In this application you get a lot of Feautres. If you want that I am in Pakistan and you want me to have an IP show of America, then you can also do this work with this VPN.With this application, you can also take this job and stay in one place and show it in another place. With this application you can change your IP address.

I have given you the link of this application in the download button below, you can download it by clicking there.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

How To Install Dairy In Your Android Mobile How can I Write ?

Hi today, in which post I will tell an application whose name is Diary.You must have seen the diary Now you can see the diary in your phone.This is an application that you will install, a diary will be installed. you can write whatever you want, save it. In this you can write that what you did today, what you did yesterday, you can save all the memories among yourself. Make it a habit to quickly write one or more mini-notes during your day. Simply leave a few words about your workout session, The fun of using this application is your own and in this application you get a lot of pictures  happened at school or in the office during your day. In weekends, you can write about all the fun you had walking your dog, meeting with friends, or being social with your family. This can be the daily activity log you always have wanted. Make it your personal journal Using this application is In Thai Simple  have fun reading it over in few year, and share a few laughs with your friends. As this app is pure textual,You will enjoy using it  and contains no images or photos,it runs ultra fast and smooth on any Android device, Enjoyed this application, it is simple to kill.  will be installed in your phone  consumes minimal of available memory and disk-space!

How To Use?

This diary will open in front of you as you open this application. You get a lot of features in it First of all you have to set that you are writing a diary today, then you have to start today's date.By the way, when you write a post in this application, the dead is automatically set, but you can also change the date yourself. After writing a post, you can also remove lock on your posts, a very good cast will be useful for you.You can also remove this application back and block it, whether you want to set password, it can be installed, if you cannot open any other status other than this diary, then it can do its own.

The fun of using this application is that you get a lot of pictures in your fame application. This application has a million. 10 people have downloaded this application The fun of using this application is that you will open it like this or the application simple C will open in front of you, you can write whatever you want. In this application you can write as many posters as you want. In all the cations, you can save photos, write articles with images that you can do as you wish or you can write a post. In this application you get many more pictures which you can also see and try Applications will work for you .

How To Make Your Name 3D Video On Your Android Smartphones

Hi today, in which post I will tell you how you can make a video of your name.How can you make a video of your name, today in which post I will tell you this.You have to write your name and your name will become a great love.You can make so many videos of your name that you will be surprised to see.Make a video of your name as much as you want.Meaning that you have to write your name and a template of your name will become good in the form of.You can also share a great sweet name with your name on Facebook, Messenger on WhatsApp.

Today, you will be surprised to see which application I am going to tell you in this post. With this application you can make a video of your name for free. By the way, you must have seen many applications on the Play Store. But you will not have seen good application from this application till date.You will be surprised to see this cute video will become your name and you will say wow.You can also save the video to friends in the gallery and share it on WhatsApp on Twitter, Facebook, Messenger on Google.You can save this video for free in your gallery, which will make a video for your name. Your friends will be forced to ask you how you did anywhere.
How To Use?

As you open this app will open.After opening this application, you will get a lot of features.First of all, you will get a template in this application that what kind of big name you want to make. You have liked any temperament from there, you have written your name above and you have changed it by writing your name below and have a play.If you like the video of your name, you can also save it in the gallery. After saving, you can also share it with your friends from office, now a video can be made in your name for free.But as much as you want, you can make a video of your name from the application, in which you get to see many templates, that too for free. I will tell you how to download quickly because you will have a lot of fun seeing this application.

I have given the link of this application in the download button below, just like you click on it, you can download this application. This application has been downloaded by more than 1 million people on Play Store.The fun of using this application is your own. Use it and make a video of your name.