Wednesday, April 15, 2020

How To Lock Chat On WhatsApp Your Secret Number In 2020

In the post, we will tell you how you can lock a number on WhatsApp. When you talk with someone on WhatsApp, one of them is also your private number.How can you lock your special number.How can you lock that number, I will tell you this in today's.How can you lock your special number.Today, you will enjoy watching the application which I will tell you in the video. You can easily lock any number from that application. Locking a number on  means that it will not be able to open.

Using the application that I will tell you in this post today is ten simple and millions of people use Already. With this application you can easily lock a number on WhatsApp.The number you will put up will cost you a million, you will only know that you will not be able to open your second prisoner.When you bring a number, The number you want to apply on WhatsApp Four numbers will be locked at that number.That password is only known to you, your slag no one will know its password.

How To Use?

First of all, download this application from your link given below.Later you have to open As you will open you have to click on the plus icon. After clicking on the icon, you have to select the number you want to lock. After that lock will be put on that number. First you have to set 4 degit password in this application.degrees Then that password will be put on that number.

I will say the same to you quickly install Because it will work for you.Because it has many advantages.You can easily lock any number.And it is simple to use.Goodbye