Wednesday, June 24, 2020

How To Get Notification When Someone WhatsApp In On And Off On Your Screen

Today we will tell you how you can check who is related to what temple on WhatsApp.Today I will tell Kishan on your how through which you can trick which question is online on whatsapp, which means offline on whatsapp You do not know how many applications have been written, but if you download this application and open it for the first time, then you have to make fun of that application. With this application,

you can easily find out who has called WhatsApp, who has turned off WhatsApp, in this application you get WhatsApp from 30, when, and when, what is the 30-day detail That is, you can give 1-month detail from the office application, when did you make a WhatsApp call, when did you complete 1 minute, you will get the complete detail in this application, the rest will tell when the application is free,  In this application, after you have given the number to give the number to anyone After giving the number, you will get everything in it, then after that you can check who did what on WhatsApp, Comment on the meaning of variety by applying it inside WhatsApp.

As you open this application, its interface will open in front of you, after opening this application, it will come out in front of you, I will tell you what work I have to do. First of all comeback story number two which you checked status nothing whatsapp who what when off If you add someone's number in this application, then whenever I do whatsapp, who will do kushalgarh krishna will go, someone call me whatsapp and take.

Main Features:-

1- With this application you can easily track anyone's number

2- With this application you can check data for 1 full month.

3- With this application, you can see the status of online WhatsApp status for the whole 1 month online.

4- With this application you can kill someone for 7 days for free for 7 days. -

5- Simple could not handle this application, give your number to someone in it and their number will be added, after that, because of whatsapp, who will you do notification.

You will get the download button below the link of this application, just like you click on it, you can download this application Thank you very much.

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