Saturday, June 27, 2020

How To Make Your Name Beautifull Ringtone On Your Android Phone 2020 Best Application

It’s easy to know the name of caller without taking your phone on hand.
My Name Ringtone Maker is such beneficial app. By using this app you can know name of caller. If you are driving or busy and not able to pick up call then this app will let you know the name of caller. You can create new ringtone& immediately assign to contact or set as default ringtone. You need to manually write your name then select POSTFIX like “Please Pick Up Call, Call is Coming Answer Your Call & etc….” and create new ringtone.
- Caller name announcer will speck caller name.
- Get list of all new created ringtones in app My Name Ringtone Maker.
- You can select Language and listen different voice of announcer.
- After creating new ringtone you can assign to contact or set as default ringtone.
- Share and Rename ringtone with your Friend.

My name ringtone maker app in hindi and English with multiple voice option.

Here is the new My name ringtone maker app. You can also create hindi ringtone of your name. It comes with multiple voice option like male and female voice. You can use this app for creating ringtone of your name.  

About multiple voice option: On the ringtone maker screen, choose voice and select your voice. After choosing your option click on play button to check the generated ringtone of your name.

About Languages: This app supports eight languages including hindi at this time. To change language click on languages dropdown menu and select the desired option. [Note: You have to reset you ringtone if you make any changes after setting the final  name ringtone]. 

Using name ringtone creator to make tones in Hindi - If you don't know how to make ringtone using this app. We have described it functions in sort. There are two way to make ringtone in Hindi.

From the language dropdown choose Hindi and all then select your ringtone. Or, click on custom ringtone (one home screen, second option) and type your name and words in Hindi. But, your letter should be in English. You can also check the help page for more details. This way your can create your name ringtone in Hindi.

About permissions : There is no permission required to create ringtone. You can also test what you have created. Click on "play" to test. But, to save ringtone "storage permission" is necessary.

If you want to announce names of your caller. You need to create ringtone of your caller name one by one. After completion, set it according to your caller one after another.

About custom creations using name ringtone maker app : Simple click on your own text and input what you like to make.
In addition to it, you can use our support email for any questions regarding this app.